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Relationship with God

March 08, 2017
Monte Moore

Monte Moore

God’s original plan was that man would share in his authority and rule, not serve him as a servant. God’s relationship with man is extremely important to him. (1) God gave man his image, His desire was that man look like him, and act like Him. (2) God placed man in His presence, in the garden of Eden [the meaning of Eden in Hebrew is,  In His presence] Being in His presence is more important to God than traditional and religious activities.

Our relationship with God and His response to us, is based on how we respond to the principles that He has established. Principles are law’s, commandments, instruction, and precepts. Principles are permanent, they never change they remain constant. Modification’s made by society to God’s standards/principles of conduct do not change God’s law. For example, a yard of measurement is 36″, but a yard stick [made by man] is 35″, the principle of the measurement is still the same.  Another example is gravity, you can fly in an airplane or a helicopter from point “A” to point “B” without falling to the ground, but the principle of gravity remains the same.

A satisfying relationship with God, each other, and the rest of God’s creation is determined by us obeying God’s principles. Now lets look at the principle of environment. What is our ideal environment?  The garden of Eden, the garden of the Lord, where God walked in the cool of the day. Unbroken fellowship between God and man is the environment that God planned for us when He placed man in the garden of Eden, God’s presence is our ideal environment. No person product or thing can function properly outside the environment it was specifically designed for, fish have to stay in water, plants have to stay in the ground, man has to stay in the presence of God. God gave Adam Himself before He gave him a woman, there were no prophets, there were no teachers, preachers or apostles in the garden, just God’s presence.

My life and the fulfillment of my destiny are possible only to the extent of how much I walk and talk with God. God’s intention for us as human beings is to, go to sleep and wake up in His presence, work in His presence, talk, eat, cry and laugh in His presence. Every part of our lives was to be done in the presence of God, what was once our God given privilege is now denied us by God Himself, because of the sin of Adam. God’s presence was so important He would not let it be contaminated by man’s sin, God made Adam and Eve leave the garden and put angels there to guard it so that man could not return.

God and His presence are most Holy, no other god, person or thing is as Holy as He is. Man lost the Holy Spirit when Adam sinned, having lost the Holy Spirit, man no longer reflected the Holiness of God that was his birthwright when he was created. Man lost his capacity to function from the spiritual and moral character of God, we are still in the image of God, we are still spirit as God is spirit, our value to God didn’t change, what has changed is, man is no longer truth and righteousness  like God is. God wants His family back, restoring us to our garden home is God’s plan.

Every act of God since man’s fall from his presence, has been done to restore us to our original relationship. Man’s inability to restore communion with God has not stopped Him from reestablishing this connection with us. We first make the connection by accepting His son Jesus and we stay connected by staying in or practicing his presence on a daily basis. God designed us to always be with Him, God planned for us to function with Him not without Him. Praise and worship are God’s solution to get us back into his presence. Praise and worship doesn’t put us in God’s presence, praise and worship brings God’s presence to us. It provides the conditions that God uses to come to us and sets the stage for God’s arrival.

The bible is a history of God’s efforts to reestablish us, so he can live with His people like he did in the garden.


  1. God created man to share His image and authority
  2. God is more interested in relationship than rules and traditions
  3. Everything God created is governed by principles
  4. Everything in life was created to function within a specific environment
  5. Man’s ideal environment is the presence of God

Reference: Dr Myles Munroe; The Macarthur study bible; New King James bible

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