Bethlehem, Not Berkeley, Is the Birthplace of Free Speech

Chancellor Dirks has stated that Berkeley is the home of the Free Speech Movement. I would beg to differ. Human freedom, intellectual or otherwise, was not born in Berkeley, California but rather in a community called Bethlehem some two thousand years ago.

UK Student Expelled Over Facebook Post Citing Biblical Law on Homosexuality Granted Judicial Review

SOUTH YORKSHIRE, U.K. – A student at a prominent university in the United Kingdom who was expelled over a post on his personal Facebook page that outlined the biblical stance on homosexuality has been granted the right to challenge his expulsion in court. Deputy High Court Judge James Lewis opined on Wednesday that Felix Ngole’s expulsion from…

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Christian Today

‘I am a bishop.’ Lesbian Methodist bishop defiant in the wake of challenge to her election

A lesbian bishop in the United Methodist Church asserted her calling to the ministry after a council hearing to determined whether her election last summer was valid.


The Skeptical State of Bible Reading in 2017

Two surveys examine who studies Scripture, who doesn’t, and why. [ posted 4/26/2017 10:22AM ] For the most part, Americans have positive things to say about the Bible. More than half call it a good source of morals (52%). About a third say it’s helpful (37%), true (36%), and life-changing (35%), according to a new LifeWay Research survey.


Are Christians Allowed to Get Rich? An Interview With Hobby Lobby CEO David Green

About a decade ago I did a short stint as an afternoon drive host on a large Christian radio station. Entrepreneurs are perhaps the most underserved people group in Christendom and so we made a point of trying to talk about their issues from time to time.

Charisma News

Perversion Watch: You Won’t Believe What This University Wants to Sell in Vending Machines

Vending machines can now dole out anything from basic snacks to pizza and cupcakes, but one California university is now experimenting with contraceptive items. The Wellness to Go machine offers condoms and Plan-B morning after pills to students.

Christian Headlines

10 Things You Should Know about Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses are a people of faith that many of us likely don’t know that much about. We may remember them as the people who often come to our homes in order to evangelize, but do we actually know what they believe? Below are 10 facts about…

Republican Congressmen Urge Trump to Issue Executive Order Protecting Religious Liberty

WASHINGTON — Over 50 members of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed a letter urging President Trump to issue an executive order protecting the religious liberty rights of Americans nationwide. “We write to express our encouragement and support for prompt executive action ensuring religious liberty protections for all Americans and look forward to working…

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